Post # 1- Finally beginning…

This is a project that has been in the back of my mind for almost two years. After all the excuses and reasons not to proceed, I have finally ascended from my own laziness and complacency to  move forward. My aspirations for this project are to discuss subjects pertaining to medical preparedness and treatment. There are countless resources in terms of preparedness in general including how it pertains to medical care. Much of theses resources cover trauma and emergency care which is extremely important, but what seems to be lacking is coverage of more common topics such as over the counter medications, oral re-hydration, field hygiene as it pertains to disaster situations, etc. These are topics that while not being as exciting as trauma, are of equal importance in an austere setting or in our everyday lives if the power goes off. I will approach this topic with what I currently know, as well as ongoing exploration into the subject matter, and look forward to any insight that can be shared by others to help us all be better prepared.

The reasons for such preparations are numerous. You don’t have to subscribe to an apocalyptic school of thought to understand that the infrastructure that rely on to provide us with our relatively comfortable daily lives are tenuous to any number of possible interruptions.  Those interruptions have over the past few decades been infrequent and typically temporary, with power or other resources restored in a timely manner. All it takes is inclement weather or a wayward back hoe on a power line to knock out power for days. In these cases, some minor preparations will help you be comfortable and make the otherwise minor inconvenience a novelty.  Extend the time frame to a week or more and it begins to be of far more critical importance.

I don’t believe this line of thinking is new, in fact until the last few decades simple home preparations were considered a matter of civil defense and the purview of not just the federal government, but the the average citizen as well. This general mindset has seemed to have fallen by the wayside to the vast majority of the population. If we all make simple preparations we will better be able to help our family, friends and neighbors in a time of need. I think it’s worth consideration. Chance favors the prepared mind.



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